Its the most effective system of real time image advertising of Full Color
Compare with existing media (TV CF, Cable TV advertisement etc.), its inexpensive and it can show
    the advertisement repeatedly more than 100 times a day.

As a vitality of game, offer the service to spectator who visit the sports stadium.
Compare with Screen Display Board for business, offer the perfect service, using LED of
    high brightness, high clearness.

It is used for company introduction and event, its very easy to move, install and operate.
This is made in order to express indoors and outdoors, so, event can be progressed without
    impossibility in day time to control the brightness freely over 5,000~8,000cd/

It can be used for indoor, outdoor. As it is the system for advertisement by letter
    in addition to letter advertisement, several graphic also can be supported. So, its a exclusive system
    for letter advertisement.
Its the most effective system to the place where many people visit or move a lot.

This product is emphasized economics & operating convenience, and all functions are integrated
    in 1PC.
It is developed to be compatible with languages of the world at the same time, operate under
    the Windows98 which can operate easily.
It`s new Screen Display Board control system which is integrated Display Board control, CG,
    SERVER, SCHEDULE function.
Function & merits
    VIDEO FILE management & PLAY function
    good signal clearness as a Full Digital system
    possible to control the screen size because of PC VIDEO CARD type
    good price competition
    screen size : possible to support maximum 1024768
    transmission speed : 60Frame/sec

Durability Over 50,000 hours Within 8,000 hours Within 8,000 hours  
Visible angle 70 60 60  
Power consumption 0.6W 3.5W 1.6W 20mm Pixel
Brightness 7,000cd/ 5,000cd/ 6,000cd/ Average Brightness
Visibility range 15~200M 25~150M 15~150M 20mm Pixel
Weight 35g 120g 60g 20mm Pixel
Price 100% 150% 135%  

Durability of LED Screen Display Board: more than 50,000 hours
    (CRT/FDT Screen Display Board : 8,000 hours)

Brightness of LED Screen Display Board: more than 7,000cd/
    (CRT/FDT Screen Display Board : 5,000~6,000cd/)

Signal System of LED Screen Display Board: As it expresses, converting image signal into digital
    signal system, its easy for real time image embodiment.
    (CRT/FDT Screen Display Board : transmit Analog signal as it is and express)

Maintenance and Repair of LED Screen Display Board : be able to repair and maintain by exchange
    of broken Pixel.
    (CRT/FDT Screen Display Board : have to change full MODULE )

Economical efficiency of LED Screen Display Board : good economical efficiency with low price.
    (CRT/FDT Screen Display Board : low economical efficiency because of high price)

So, as the demands of ad are increased, LED Screen Display Board are usually used for commercial ad, because of durability & excellent economical efficiency, comparing with CRT/FDT Screen Display Board.

Article Size Amount Function & Specification
Charactor Generator
SRV-7000 1 Set OS : Windows98
Support 16 million color
Processing the transparency by 256 steps
Anti Processing the letter, figure by 256 steps
    CPU : Over Pentium 800MHz
    HDD : 20GB (7,200rpm)
    RAM : Over 128MB
    CDROM : Over 52X
VHS VCR 6 HEAD 1 Set Souce PLAY of VHS system
Exclusive use for PLAY
DVD PLAYER   1 Set Souce PLAY of DVD, Video CD System
Exclusive use for PLAY
Routing Switcher 8 CH 1 Set Switching of VIDEO SOUREC

Article Size Amount Function & Specification
AUDIO MIXER 12CH 1 Set Equipment which input many mikes & audio
    sauces and mix them into 1 signal and transmit
POWER AMP 1,500W 1 Set The equipment which amplify the signal of PRE-AMP
600/450/300W when 2/4/8
SPEAKER 600W 1 Set Output audio-monitor
RACK 19" 2 Set The facility for equipment attachment
Produced in order not to shake on impact
Sub Materials   1 Set AUDIO/VIDEO CABLE, CONNECTOR etc.

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