One asked a flowing stream,
"How hard it must be to follow such a long journey?"
The stream answered,
"I just follow the direction to wherever the flow may take me, there is no hardness!"
How simple, yet so true. Water eventually runs through to the seas with almost no effort at all.
This is true because water follows the nature's way, the path of righteousness.
How convenient and joyful it must be to follow such a path?
Yet we believe it is nothing easy to acheive, nor is it impossible.
We just make an effort not to ignore the path of righteousness, not to fall in trouble making hasty decisions.
This is the very path SR Corporation Ltd. seeks for.
We will never let out effort in any way.
We are certain that the way we go should be comfortable and natural.
We dare promise you that we will follow the path where the flowing stream may follow, the path of righteousness.

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